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The Five Essentials

The Five Essentials Curriculum Series includes:   Purpose, Prayer, Praise, Prophecy, and Power. 


Every person wants to know their purpose in life. In this series, we discover our identity in Christ. Children spend time learning the foundational truths of the gospel and gain a greater understanding of God’s Great Love for us. They will realize that their identity is based on being children of God.


Relationship is the key to walking with Jesus. In this series, the kids discover that relationships start with conversation. Our conversation with the Lord is called prayer. We explore the heart of the Father, the way He welcomes us into His presence, and His desire for us to have a relationship with Him. The kids will learn ways to pray, how to intercede, how to pray scripture, and begin to realize that prayer can be fun.


To praise the Lord may be a command in the Bible, but the children will discover that it is our joy as well. In the Praise series, we discover that praising God is not just about giving honor and glory to the One who is worthy of it, but it is also a powerful tool God gave us in life. Not only does our praise lift Him up in heavenly places, it also lifts us up. When we our weak, we are made strong. If we are troubled, it gives us peace. When the enemy is attacking us, it makes Him flee. It is our joy, and our delight to praise the Lord!


Prophecy is a gift God gave His people, but why? The kids will discover that it is an important gift He gives us. It’s part of the conversation that draws us and others closer to Him. Prophecy can be used to reveal God’s love, which in turn helps us minister to others with the power of the Holy Spirit.


The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power! This series reveals the power of the Holy Spirit that lives within us. Not only that, but helps kids discover how to team up with the Holy Spirit in their everyday life, releasing that power into the lives of those around them!

Choosing Children’s Church Curriculum:

When choosing children’s church curriculum, pray about what God has put on your heart. He already knows what your distinct group of children need at this very moment. Trust Him!

You have a very limited amount of time with the kids you minister to during the week. Decide what is most important. Don’t waste that precious time with something that may be insignificant in light of eternity!

Make the curriculum work for you. Remember, the curriculum is a resource that gives you some ideas of what to do, but you decide how to implement it. Make it work with your format. Eliminate what doesn’t work and emphasize the things that do. This tweaking process takes time. It’s a lot of trial and error, but it is worth the the effort to refine it. Flexibility with the curriculum is key when planning something that fits your individual church.

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