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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

5 Steps to help You Refuel For Children's Ministry:

When serving in any type of ministry, it’s easy to become worn out. A person who constantly gives their time and energy to others can easily become a person who forgets how to receive from others. I know because I’ve been there!

As children’s ministry leaders, we need to guard ourselves against this. The enemy likes to use this to create burnout and passionless people. If you struggle with this, try these steps to help refuel and stir passion in your heart again.

1. Give it to God!

Although this may seem obvious, it can get overlooked when you are trying to do everything. Simply say, ‘God, I can’t do this on my own. Take the lead and I’ll follow you.’

2. Ask the Lord What’s Important

Write a list of all the things that you feel led to do in ministry. Maybe it really is too much! You’re not meant to do it all. God has ordained many hands and many feet to be the church. Stop trying to do everything. Let others rise up to their calling. Sometimes we have to step back in order for others to answer the call God’s put on their heart. So, ask the Lord what’s important for YOU to do. If at that point, you don’t feel certain things should be on that list, pray about it and trust God to raise up someone else.

3. Fuel your spirit with the WORD and PRAYER

Don’t neglect the things that fuel your spirit! Don’t let the ‘to do list’ distract you from the reason you’re doing any of this! Stay in the Word, even if you get nothing else done today. Spend time praying, even when it feels dry and fruitless at times. The fact is, the oil of intimacy with the Lord needs to be our first priority as christians and as children’s ministry leaders! Everything else comes from this. If the oil in our lamp has dried up, there is nothing else left to give.

4. Accept help from others and Delegate!

I know, it seems obvious, right? But delegating tasks to others isn’t always easy for us doers. Leaders tend to be doers, but leaders have to learn to delegate tasks to others. This has been one area that has hurt me over the years. I’m so on task sometimes, that I forget to invite others to join in or take over! I’m learning that you need to let others help. People want to help; sometimes they just don’t know it yet. If people are offering, don’t turn them away. If they’re not offering, it’s okay, just let them know what needs to be done and ask them to help! Most people will step up to the job.

5. Connect with other children’s ministry leaders!

I tend to be an introvert, but I have found that God has forced me to break out of that mold as I follow Him. One of the things that has been harder for me is keeping connected with other children’s ministry leaders. I’ve realized the need for this. Besides the sharing of ideas with each other, children’s ministry leaders need the encouragement of others who have seen it, been there, done it, and the testimonies of the fruit God has produced. This encouragement is priceless. Make it a point to connect with other children’s ministry leaders near you, or across the world. Either way, the encouragement you provide each other will help you refuel!

Recently, I was excited to be added to a list of 40 Top Children’s Ministry Bloggers! This was a testament to just how far God has helped me grow in this area of connecting with other ministry leaders. My introverted personality has opened up so much over the years to others and now I long to be connected to the body of Christ even more.

If you don’t have a good network of children’s ministry leaders that can encourage you, check out this list of 40 Top Children’s Ministry Bloggers to get connected to some great resources and encouraging articles!


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