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Silent, but not sorry!

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

People may be wondering, ‘Why haven’t you written any new posts? Why haven’t you written any new curriculum?’ The truth is, I’m waiting on God. You see, I don’t write just for fun. I’ve honestly never really enjoyed writing. I write for Him, so it only makes sense that I would wait on revelation from Him. It’s true—I have been silent this past year, but I’m not sorry!

Something wasn’t right

Children’s ministry leaders around the globe have had an interesting and difficult season. The pandemic brought forth many things that most of us didn’t think we were equipped for, but God brought us through. Online children’s church became a thing, even online VBS! Who would’ve thought? Although we saw some innovative approaches to children’s ministry in the past year or so, my heart was not settled. I kept having this burning feeling in me that I couldn’t shake. Something wasn’t right, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

I don’t want to do it, unless You are in it, God

All my life I’ve said to God—I want to be a part of what you’re doing. When it came to children’s ministry that statement morphed into—I don’t want to do it, unless you are in it, God. You see, I take my marching orders directly from Him, so if He’s silent, it begins to feel like I’m in the desert wandering with no direction. I remember years ago someone telling me that in those moments you just need to keep doing what you were doing until God tells you to do something differently. It’s good advice and it has definitely taken me through the desert seasons of life. But what happens when the whole world changes paths and it’s impossible to keep doing what you’re doing? This season was definitely a different dry spell altogether.

Wave of Revival

Don’t get me wrong, God did give me some direction in how to move forward with the children’s ministry during the pandemic, but it felt like the survival food in the desert. I still wasn’t satisfied. There was something more. Deep down I knew what He was about to unleash was greater than anything we’ve experienced in children’s ministry. He’s setting the stage for a wave of revival and I don’t want to miss it. I needed a revelation from God, and I wasn’t about to stop asking for one.

This isn’t what I signed up for!

As children’s ministry leaders, we have a tendency to go into auto-mode when faced with a disruption like this past year. Our God given talents of organizing, administration, teaching, etc. tend to take over the situation and work to resolve it the best we know how. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like I said, these are our God given gifts. My problem has always been—I want to be inspired by a revelation from God. I don’t want to do it on my own. Maybe that’s not a problem; maybe that’s a good thing. If I find myself switch to auto-mode just to get by, I feel unsatisfied. This isn’t what I signed up for! I wanted to partner with God, not try to run things by myself. Ugh! I hate that feeling. That’s why I choose not to live there, but instead seek the Lord for divine inspiration and revelation.

I waited on the Lord

The reality is, divine revelation has been a long time coming for me. Like I said, 2020 felt like a desert place when it came to children’s ministry. God was pouring out revelation in other areas of my life, but when it came to children’s ministry, He was silent. I couldn’t understand it. ‘Just do what you need to do to get by’, is the mentality I had to operate out of. I hated it. Was God moving in the hearts of our children? My heart ached thinking about it and yet I felt like I didn’t have much to offer them. I wanted something new and fresh from God for this new and very different season. But nothing came. Nothing. I waited on the Lord, still, nothing. I sat in His council and sought His face, still nothing new for children’s ministry. What a devastating blow. So, when things started looking semi-normal again; we did children’s ministry the same as before the pandemic. It just wasn’t sitting right with me. I knew God had something greater bottled up and waiting to be cracked open. The lid to the jar just wouldn’t budge.

Determined to crack the jar!

That brings us to 2021. I’m determined to crack the jar open. I want what’s inside. The same old methods, formats, programs, done the same old ways are not going to cut it in this next season. God is raising up a generation who will be emboldened by the Spirit like never before. We are seeing children who are unafraid to speak His name and His truth in the face of an enemy who is raging all around us. This is a small picture of what is to come. God is giving a greater measure to this generation. The question still remains, ‘How do we partner with God in this?’ Will we diligently seek revelation from the Most High? Or, will we continue to work from auto-mode, doing things the same way just to keep the train on the track? Maybe God wants the train to come off the track because He knows there is something better on the other track? We’ll never know until we begin seeking Him for revelation and be persistent until He answers.

The more I ask for it, the more hungry I get for it

God’s timing is perfect, I know this. That doesn’t mean I should stop bugging Him until He answers me. The more I ask for it, the more hungry I get for it. This is a good thing, even though at times it makes you feel like a person on survival food out in a desert. It’s worth it because the reward is worth it. God is worth it. Our children are worth it.

So, yes, I have been silent this past year when it has come to children’s ministry. But don’t mistake my silence for inaction or lack of hunger. I’m more hungry for what God has in store because I’ve been in the desert waiting on the Lord. My appetite is growing for something so big I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I want what’s inside the jar. I want what God has kept bottled up for this generation! I’ve been silent, but I’m not sorry. I just refuse to speak out of old wineskins. I want new wineskins. For I know that what God is about to pour out requires them!

The good news is God has begun cracking the jar open. I’m beginning to receive bits and pieces of revelation from Him for this next season of children’s ministry, and I can’t wait to see it all come together! As a children’s ministry leader, you may relate to this as well. My advice to you? Keep on keeping on. Seek revelation from God. Be persistent. Wait on the Lord to answer. Don’t stop knocking.


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