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Quarter 2 of our Empowered Kids Series is finally here! This is a twelve-week curriculum geared towards pre-k to first graders. It includes bible lessons, prayer and praise activities, as well as a lap book for each unit that the kids can take home and remember what they have learned. 


Unit 1-Joseph

Theme: God is Good All the Time!

Week 1- Joseph is sold into slavery

Week 2-Joseph goes to jail

Week 3-Joseph interprets dreams

Week 4-Joesph Forgives His Brothers


Unit 2-The Exodus

Theme: God Cares for Us!

Week 1-Rescued From the River

Week 2-The Burning Bush

Week 3-Passover

Week 4-The Red Sea Crossing


Unit 3- Good News

Theme: Jesus Our Rescuer

Week 1-Born to Die (on a mission)

Week 2-Jesus Forgives the Thief

Week 3- The Lamb that was Slain

Week 4-Palm Sunday-Jesus our King!

 BONUS: Resurrection Sunday!




Empowered Kids: Quarter 2

$40.00 Regular Price
$35.00Sale Price
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