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   What happens to us when we see the promise ahead of us? Well, we march toward it, fearless of what comes between! The more focused we become on God and His promises, the less concerned we are with the obstacles in our way. If God says it’s going to happen, then it will happen. We can walk forward to the promise knowing it is already ours! Imagine if we could teach this to our children before the enemy tries to fill them with lies and steal away what God has set before them.

   Keep Your Eyes on the Promise is an 8-week curriculum meant to empower kids to see the promise ahead, not the valley below. Too often we find ourselves in a ditch because we forget God's promises or we stop believing in them. In the bible, we constantly see God remind His people of the promise. Throughout scripture, we find out that when we keep our eyes on the promises of God, we are strengthened. 

Let's strengthen our children in the Lord by teaching them to remember the promises of God and have faith in the One who keeps His promises.



Week 1- The Rainbow

Week 2- The Abrahamic Covenant

Week 3- Promised Land

Week 4- He Won't Abandon Us!

Week 5- The Promised Messiah

Week 6- The Promised Helper

Week 7- The Promised Return

Week 8- Celebration Day!


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Keep Your Eyes on the Promise

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