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What is the one thing that all people are looking for? Purpose!  Adults and children alike have a desire for meaning. Purpose: Made for More is a 7-week Children’s Church Curriculum designed to be used with K-6th grade. Purpose: Made for More is the place to start in the Five Essentials Curriculum Series.  In this series, children will discover why they were created, how God sees them, and what makes them unique. During the seven weeks, children will  learn the bigger picture as they see the ‘why’ behind creation, salvation, and the great commission.

The goal in making the Five Essentials Curriculum is to see children walk in their identity in Christ, and know who they are and why they are here. Imagine what a generation like that could do for God’s kingdom!  Each lesson allows the kids to dig deeper into the message from the scripture. Every week kids will have opportunities to experience God through Prayer activities, Power games, Hearing God’s Voice activities, and Praise moments; equipping them in life and ministry.  Help your children discover God’s purposes for them and begin to walk in their true identity.



1: He Created Everything!

2: Losing Our Inheritance

3: God Became Flesh

4: Forgiven

5: A New Creation

6: A Child of God

7: Celebration Day!



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Purpose: Made For More

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