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HUGE LIST of Children's Ministry Curriculum Providers

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Need children’s ministry curriculum? I have researched so many Children’s Ministry Curriculum Providers over the years. This task can be daunting for any children’s ministry pastor. This list was made in hopes that it would help make this task a bit easier for other children ministry pastors and leaders out there.

A few tips to remember when picking out a curriculum for your children’s ministry:

1. Does it match up with the vision God has given you?

Know your mission statement and don’t waiver from it. When reviewing a curriculum, make sure that it matches up with what God has put on your heart for the kids.

2. Do the kids learn the Word of God?

Do they open a bible—-like ever? To teach them who God is, we need God’s word. Don’t be afraid to teach straight from the Bible and explain it as you go. Jesus was the best teacher, so let him teach! We want our kids to have a love for God’s word, but how will that happen if they never open it, read it, or hear it?

3. Is relationship with God emphasized?

Isn’t that what it’s all about? I don’t want my kids to know about God without really KNOWING God personally. Prayer, Fellowship, Relationship are all things that should be on our priority list!

4. Does it create opportunities for the kids to encounter God?

You may say, ‘Wait a minute, how can a curriculum create opportunities for your kids to encounter God?’ Well, do the activities include actual ministry time? (RECEIVE FROM GOD) Do the kids get a chance to minister to others? (DO THE GOD STUFF)

In order to create opportunities for God to encounter the children, teach them how to pray alone and with others. Let them practice each week! Take time to let them listen to God’s voice. Ask them to share what is on their heart. Make it a point to create a culture of sharing testimonies with each other. Teach them to celebrate over answered prayers. The question is, are you raising disciples of Jesus or just people who can tell a good story?


If you are still unsure about which children’s ministry curriculum provider to go with, check out the curriculum we use: Kids Arise Ministries. A comprehensive, interactive curriculum that equips children in ministry. It does not water down the gospel, nor does it say ‘kids can’t do that stuff!’ Instead, Kids Arise Ministries has come up with a Five Essentials Curriculum Series: Purpose (Identity), Prayer (relationship), Praise (Worship), Prophecy (Hearing God’s Voice), and Power (using the gifts of the Holy Spirit). Kids will not just learn about God through His Word, but they will learn to partner with God through fellowship and the Power of the Holy Spirit! All curriculum has been used in the classroom with kids K-6th grade and has been refined by what works!


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